Distributed moving horizon state estimation for sensor networks with low computation capabilities


  • Antonello Venturino L2S and ONERA
  • Cristina Stoica Maniu L2S
  • Sylvain Bertrand DTIS ONERA
  • Teodoro Alamo Universidad de Sevilla
  • Eduardo F. Camacho Universidad de Sevilla




distributed state estimation, moving horizon estimation, Luenberger observer, sensor network, linear systems


This paper focuses on distributed state estimation for sensor network observing a discrete-time linear system. The provided solution is based on a Distributed Moving Horizon Estimation (DMHE) algorithm considering a pre-estimating Luenberger observer in the formulation of the local problem solved by each sensor. This leads to reduce the computation load, while preserving the accuracy of the estimation. Moreover, observability properties of local sensors are used for tuning the weights related to consensus information fusion built on a rank-based condition, in order to improve the convergence of the estimation error. Results obtained by Monte Carlo simulations are provided to compare the performance with existing approaches, in terms of accuracy of the estimations and computation time.


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