Vol. 1 No. 1 (2021): System Theory, Control and Computing Journal


In front of the reader – a new scientific journal: The System Theory, Control and Computing Journal. It is not quite new since it occurred from merging of  4 journals traditionally (along some half-century) edited by Control and Computing Engineering  departments and faculties (schools)  from the University of Craiova, Technical „Gheorghe Asachi” University of Iaşi, „Dunărea de Jos” University of Galaţi and Politehnica University of Timişoara.  Continuing these journals in a merged and improved form, it aims  promoting theoretical and applied results in a large field of System Theory, Control and Computing (with particular reference to Applied Informatics and Applications in Systems and Control). From expression of the academic life in the aforementioned departments, this journal aims to become a more comprehensive publication, integrating the research results of a broad scientific and technical community. The access to publication of research results is open to researchers all over the world.

This starting issue of the new journal is a good illustration of the editorial intentions, assertion proven by a short glance at the 11 firstly published papers.
Ranging from genuine Systems and Control Theory (σ-entropy in stochastic linear systems, nonlinear observability of polynomial dynamical systems or steady state motion control for mechanical systems), to Applied Control (nonlinear MPC for hydrostatic transmissions, Kalman filter design for distributed parameter systems in biotechnology, backward path tracking control for trailer systems), intelligent control based instrumentation (baseline removal in Gamma Spectroscopy, state estimation for sensor networks with low computer capabilities), applied informatics (logistic stability examination in serial and arborescent topologies) up to computer applications and software development (automatic control knowledge repository and automatic generation of object oriented code), the first issue of the new journal is a genuine promising of broadband covering scientific and engineering interests.

The Editorial Board

Published: 2021-06-30